The Journey’s the thing pt2

Written By: Stephen Dove - Jan• 24•14

My last post presented the idea of a ‘road sandbox’ campaign; to be used as a backdrop to more traditional location based adventures. This post aims to begin actually creating such a sandbox by fleshing out the area of western Albion between Netherford and Cantorbridge. Note that this area contains a number of Gloamings that will also be detailed, but these locales will be dealt with after the mundane villages and towns. Once this is done, I hope to use the area as a site for some adventure seeds as well as a full adventure or two.

First we start with a map; I am going to be updating this as I go, but the basic geography is shown below.


This Road Sandbox has four main routes; all of which branch off of ‘The Saltway’, which is the main coastal road on the extreme left (east) of the map, that runs between Netherford and Cantorbridge.

These are;

  • The Saltway itself.
  • The Breylak Road that crosses this map (and indeed the whole of Albion) West to East, leaving the Saltway at Netherford.
  • The Scardic Road, that branches off of the Breylak Road and heads north.
  • The Ongus Road, that leaves the Saltway south of Cantorbridge and heads southeast to the Capital.

I will first focus on the towns and villages along the Saltway and the encounters that travellers might have on this road. For each segment of the road (a segment is a distinct section between two settlements) I will present a random encounter table with fairly detailed set of encounters specific for each segment.

We’ll start with the town of Netherford next week……………

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