Written By: Stephen Dove - Feb• 21•14

This week I’ve been beavering away on a huge map of the town of Netherford; the opening scene of my Cantorbridge Tales.

Towns and cities really are the hardest things to map because there are hundreds of tiny elements that all have to be placed carefully or they look just plain wrong. The map has already consumed about 18 hours, and it’s far from finished; but I must say it’s been fun.

Sadly, I’m going to have to work out how to put it up on the site without having to compress the image so much that the buildings don’t come up clearly enough.

A particular challenge with Netherford is the Cathedral; there are no pre-existing tokens anywhere for this sort of building, so I had to make them. Not quite from scratch, but almost.

The other challenge with a town of any size, is to do the map at a scale where the streets can clearly be seen when zoomed in, at the same time as having textures that look good when you are zoomed right out.

Still plenty to do but will post the start of the adventure next week.

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