Written By: Stephen Dove

A list of sites close to my heart and close to the heart of table top gaming:



 The Alexandrian– not a folkloric site at all, but rather a blog about gaming theory

UK roleplayers– a general forum to discuss all things gaming with English gamers

EN World– one of the ‘big three’ major forums for table top gaming–  the second of the ‘big three’ major forums for table top gaming

RPGgeek– the third of the big three major forums for table top gaming


Dragon Warriors

Serpent King Games – The current publishers of the Dragon Warriors RPG.

Dragon Warriors Wiki – An excellent resource for information about the game or world.

Fabled Lands Blog – the blog of Dave Morris, creator of Legend and Dragon Warriors.

Drag Wars Mailing List – A mailing list for discussions of All Things Dragon Warriors!

Cobwebbed Forest – probably the best single fan produced Dragon Warriors website on the net, with lots of downloadable content and some nice tools.

Library of Hiabuor – Shaun Hateley’s excellent new site.


You can find a much better list of Dragon Warriors links on Lee Barklam’s Cobwebbed Forest.

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