Legend Map

Written By: Stephen Dove - Nov• 08•13

Lands of Legend10

The Lands of Legend as you’ve never seen them before! This was part of an abortive recent attempt to create a Small Press RPG company to make new material for the Dragon Warriors Game. That deal fell through, mainly due to impatience and inexperience on my part, but I wanted fans to be able to see some of the stuff I did before I re-focussed my efforts onto Mundus and LORE RPG. You can find a concept map for an expanded Lands of Legend here. This map includes countries only hinted at in the original books, as well as a few of my own.

Created in Photoshop CS2

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  1. Damian May says:

    Very Nice Work.

  2. Stephen Dove says:

    Thanks Damian! Long time no see mate!