Lands of Legend

Written By: Stephen Dove

The following maps are (c) Stephen Dove, and are presented here for personal use only. Please don’t distribute, sell or re-publish them in print or on the web without permission.

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The Lands of Legend as we’ve known them for decades.

Lands of Legend10










Lands of Legend_Expanded12

And here is a little update; the Lands as you’ve never seen them before. This concept map was one of several I did before I annoyed Serpent King Games; it was all a friendly misunderstanding I assure you!

You’ll notice that it’s not finished, and that I’ve added a few places suggested in the original books, as well as some more that I felt were in keeping. Oh well; it was a great project before I messed up!

Vindashire/Cantorbridge Tales Maps

The Cantorbridge Tales is a series of linked adventures set in the area of western Albion known as Vindashire. So that people aren’t trawling around the site, looking for all of the maps and resources in past posts, they will all appear here immediately upon publication. Enjoy!


The County of Vindashire


The City of Netherford


Annotated Street Map of Netherford

Netherford_winter2Netherford in winter


Jib's Hollow_no_legend

The Town of Jib’s Hollow

Jib's Hollow1

Jib’s Hollow (annotated)


  1. Neil T says:

    Very nice maps! I must say they are marred a little by some rivers not following the natural law of flowing from mountains to sea; in particular the one which flows from the swamps near the Mistral Sea to Ferromaine, and even worse, the huge river system on the large world map in the equivalent of Siberia, which has no outlet to the sea at all.

  2. Stephen Dove says:

    Hi Neil!

    Some of the map is legacy of course; the first river you mention is on a map I’m copying. The second is all me, but I have to ask, do rivers really always flow to the sea? Have you ever heard of the Baikal Lake system? I have also travelled a bit in Mongolia and there are plenty of rivers there that end in acid or poison lakes. Indeed how about the ‘dead sea’?

  3. Neil T says:

    First, I enjoy your website and appreciate your maps, so I don’t want to just sound like a random sour guy picking nits with your work.

    But sorry, the rivers, especially that big Siberian system just activate my facial tic. Sure, some real-world rivers do flow into big lakes like Baikal. But it’s not clear that this something like this is happening in your map. The river looks like an enormous line with no outlet. How about having it flow into that large inland sea (Caspian analogue?) to the south?

  4. Stephen Dove says:

    Hey Neil! I’ve just realised what you’re talking about. You mean the ‘river’ in the great rift? Look carefully at the map and you’ll see it’s really indented. That is meant to be a 2000 ft drop; actually below sea level. It is connected to the inland sea already, but the river flows entirely underground; the direction of flow is into the rift! Yes; I know it’s weird but it is possible and I wanted an vast underground ‘lake’ (actually thousands of underground channels radiating off of the rift) as a setting for some ancient ruins and strange civilisations. Are you thinking of using the map for something; would you like a version where it’s absent?

  5. Neil T says:

    Yes, that is the river system I was referring to.

    A giant water system at the bottom of a rift, with underground connections to the inland sea? Sounds cool, I would love to send my players there to find the lost civilisations started by Selentine explorers, mixed in with exiled sorcerers from Khitai and all sorts of exotic strangeness!

  6. Stephen Dove says:

    Yes!! That’s what I was going for! I wanted a Legend equivalent of the Great Wall of China, but wanted this barrier to be natural since this is Legend. That’s how I came up with the idea and then the other ideas flowed from there. If only SKG had agreed with me (sigh)……

  7. Stephen Dove says:

    Where are you in Japan Neil (at least I think you’re in Japan from your IP)? I am jealous; LOVE that country.

  8. Neil T says:

    Osaka, I’m fortunate to be a frequent visitor as I love the place too.

  9. Stephen Dove says:

    You are lucky mate; I even started learning the language once so great is my love!

    Is there anything you’d like to see (or not see on the site)? I ask as getting opinions out of the DW community can sometimes feel like ‘blood out of a stone’ syndrome?

  10. Neil T says:

    What I’d like to see? Well, any DW material or musings would be great…maybe some plot hooks, NPCs, new monsters or mini-locations?

  11. Stephen Dove says:

    I am planning on putting up some full blown adventures; they’ll be written primarily for my new game LORE but will have stats for DW as well.

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