Dad’s Lane Roleplayers

Written By: Stephen Dove

The Dad’s Lane Roleplaying Society is the name we give to my regular gaming group. It started in 2003, when I met Ben Ziman-Bright at a Judo club and we struck up a friendship and started playing Palladium FRPG on Friday nights. We always played at his place; in Dad’s Lane in Selly Park, and hence the name. Once his house-mate, Miha got involved, then the Society continued, even after Ben moved back to London. Indeed, it was Miha who coined our name.

From those humble beginnings, the society has since had about 33 different members; but I’m the only original founder member left. We now game most weekends at my place in Bournville in Birmingham, and play Dragon Warriors, Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, Traveller, or Star Wars RPG (Saga Edition).

Current Members:

Connor Gadsby

Jon Reece

Laura Breakspear

Thai Gadsby

David Price

Stephen Dove

Mike Guest



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