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Written By: Stephen Dove



Hello; I’m Stephen Dove and the founder member of the Dad’s Lane RPG Society. By day I am now the owner and Publisher of Waysider Press. I fancy myself as something of a real-life adventurer and explorer; in worlds real, imagined and even sub-molecular, though that’s looking increasingly risible the older I get.

I was once a Lecturer in Biochemistry at Birmingham University (see here for some of my research) but gave it up recently to spend more time with my Wife and to finally get to do some more creative things.

This site is a soapbox for all members of the Dad’s Lane Society; to talk about gaming theory and practice with the wider community. So, may I proudly introduce………



Connor Gadsby

Hey hey, my name is Connor, but I now mostly go by the name ‘Jasper’ as a consequence of one of my characters. I have been roleplaying since April 2013 and am still a newbie in most of the group’s eyes.

As a ”youngling’, I haven’t found my true vocation in life, though I have recently decided to try and seek out a career in child care, most likely with nursery kids. I also have aspirations to be a writer of some kind, though I’m not sure what medium would be best for me to tell my stories.

Though shy, roleplaying has allowed me to come out of my shell somewhat, and has also revitalized a desire to create that I haven’t experienced in years, and will hopefully keep it going.



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