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Pathfinder versus Dragon Warriors; a youngling’s perspective

Hi there; Connor here! I’m a relatively new player compared with the rest of the group, so I usually end up not knowing what to say when the conversation veers into ‘statistics territory’, or going through all the feats/spells/class combinations that are broken;  leaving me to wonder ‘how they’re broken?’ Then I give up and […]

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Back to my Roots…

I got a very pleasant surprise the other day! My gaming group had been playing d20 based games almost exclusively since 2003, but we took a step back in time and ran Dragon Warriors. Now I know what you’re going to ask; ‘What the hell is that?’ Well it’s a fantasy RPG (not to be […]

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The Way of the Waysider Lives!

Hello Blogosphere! This blog is a soapbox for a group of gamers to talk gaming theory and practice with the rest of the world. We are a group of 20-40 somethings who love table top RPGs and gaming in general. But…..gaming is actually rather a complex activity; there is LOTS that can go wrong. Our […]

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